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Sid Valley Radio

Community Radio, For the Community, By the Community

Across the Valley & Around the Coast Sid Valley Radio
Broadcasting Local News and Music from the 60's
through to the very latest chart and new releases of today.
For Sidmouth, Sidford, Sidbury and Salcombe Regis


Join Adrian Brown for his show at 10am - Midday Sunday


Congratulations to Emma for her first show on Sid Valley Radio.


The new community station “Sid Valley Radio” was officially Launched on Friday 9th March.

The new station was honored to have the Chairman of the Town Council
and the Sidmouth Herald as their guests for this prestigious event.


Issues with IOS (11)

There have been reported problems using Apple Devices with IOS 11. Although IOS 10 works fine
there is a bug with and Apple are looking at it. (well that is what they say...)

So if you can't tune into your favorite station then either use the "Tune in" app
of if you are using a different player paste these settings into your favorite player



Iphone app Coming (In Testing... Looking good:)


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