Sid Valley Radio

Community Radio, For the Community, By the Community

Click Here to download from server direct. Please note for Safari users on Mac there may be an issue where tracks do not play directly. There are no problems with any of the other browsers just Safari. Apple are looking into it (yea right!)

Sid Valley Radio Podcasts are avaiable for Windows, Mac on Itunes Itunes

For Android please follow the directions below
Download and install the Podcast Addict app from Google Play Store.
Open the app and use the + sign to add a new podcast service.
Making sure the "Use iTunes search engine" option is preselected, search for Sid Valley Radio and select it when found.
Open the SVR icon within the app and then the 'Episodes' box.
All available SVR podcasts are displayed and can either be streamed or downloaded for offline listening.

Thanks to Simon for this information